Why Buddies?

NFTs are becoming so much more than just art. Team Buddies puts our community first with full transparency because we feel that team membership goes so far past your OpenSea collection.


Every week your buddy can earn you 50-75% of the royalty made during that week.

.Basic Buddie winner 50%

.Winning team colour extra 20%

.Holding a team of Buddies (4 buddies) extra 5%

We will drop 8 captain Buddies which 

gain 1% royalties monthly.



Winning team will receive a free season 2 NFT (that's 1776 Buddies given to our winning team holders priced 0.1 ETH for free) 


90% of the income made will be going back into growing the collection and creating season 2 (see our discord for spending sheet)


We have and will continue to do big giveaways for our holders, all Team Buddie holders will be placed on our whitelist for season 2.


Being a member of the Team Buddies gives you a charitable purpose. We donate 5% monthly royalty's to the community charity of choice changing each month decided by poll.


Lots of possibilities to come with Battlemap 2.0 covering 2022: This is our team’s main commitment and a long-term project consisting of Team Buddies season 2 along with sights set on our very own Team Buddies mobile game!


An awesome community has formed in our Discord and we continue to grow every week. Come check us out!