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A place for Team-sized deals,
The buddies NFT is a collection of
8888 unique Buddies With Weekly winning Buddies

           Only place get a Buddie Now is on Opensea.


Lean about Buddie here

What you get with your NFT 

|Weekly Winning Buddie !!! (50% -75% Royalty Paid to Buddies Wallet |Game in Development | Free Mints (for winning Team) on Season 2 | /ETH/NFT Giveaways | In Person Events | Community | Battlemap 2.0 Coming | Endless Possibilities | 

Team Buddie 

Buddie is a collection of 8888 unique Buddies NFTs. No two are exactly alike, 

We will be putting 90% of the income made back in to the Buddies growth with decision made by our community.

By owning a Buddies NFT and being a Buddie member, you gain access  weekly draw, free future mints,  NFT and ETH giveaways and many other perks to be added to our Battlemap!


Unique Buddies

Weekly Winner Buddie: (1st Draw 5.5 ETH)

There will be a winning Buddie every week that will give 50-75 percent royalty from the Buddie collection made that week:

. Basic Buddie winner 50% 

. Winning Team colour extra 20%,10% or 5%

. Holding a team of Buddies extra 5%

What is the process and how do you get paid?


We will do a live draw where a winning buddie will be chosen (EG Buddie#2712).Wallets who own Buddie#2712 if you have a full team or winning team colour the 50-75% royalty will be sent direct to your wallet. If the Buddie has not been sold we redraw till we have a winner.

Winning Team 

The winning team is the 1st Colour Background property Buddie team to be claimed full perks as follow.

1. Extra 20% if your the winning Buddie on the weekly draw 

2. Free NFT on season 2 will be sent to the holder wallet on Release season 2 Buddies will be 0.1 ETH (That 1776 Buddies)

2nd Team will earn Extra 10% 3rd Team will earn 5% extra Royalties.

Battle Layout

This is a long-term project. We've set some benchmarks for ourselves. Once we reach a certain percentage of sales, we will work on reaching the stated objective.

(every mile stone hit we will do a free giveaway to buddie community just join our discord)


Marketing push (Twitter TikTok Instagram). Part 1 story released



we release 1 Captain from each colour background, (8 in all). You earn 1% of the royalties collection for that month every Month. Part 2 story released



Buddies gets its own YouTube channel(for live draws and updates).



1st draw date set (1st draw will be 5.2 to 5.7 ETH) , plus legal contract will be uploaded on our website.  Part 3 story released


1st Charity will be polled, picked by discord and paid .



Season 2 is set in motion, whitelisted then released.  Part 4 story released



Winning Buddies will be announced and season 2 NFT will be given to winning team wallets , plus our game demo release will be revealed.

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Amber Davies
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